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Writing Progress

My Book Cover! Available as paperback (different cover) and ebook on Amazon Kindle.

So, originally, I was going to call it Rivers of Betrayal, but that was too dramatic and YA-ish for my tastes. I renamed it to reflect the moral struggle Brynhild faces when a man arrives at her pier and is promptly accused of murdering a knight. Her tenants start baying for blood, and she initially assumes she can make Reuben, the man in question, confess in public and then shove him off on another lord. This plan goes awry when the letter Reuben is carrying reveals a spy in the pier's midst and...well, I won't reveal all.

Behind all this, the Margravine Adelberta, a noblewoman in charge of Augton's salt mines, is arrested by the king and is about to be tried. It's her knight that is murdered.

It all presages a story that I need to edit and revise now.

I'm going to revise my third book first, though. And there are so many more in the pike. Wish me luck.


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