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Babysitting Emergencies And How To Deal With Them


Child care is a very rewarding job. It's frequently fun, and there are few more fulfilling feelings than when a child says they trust you. There are, however, drawbacks and bad situations that can crop up. Dealing with these emergencies well is what makes a babysitter stand out.

The First Step In Handling An Emergency

Prevention is the name of the game with childcare emergencies. The better prepared you are before they happen, the less likely that they will happen.

Get the emergency contact numbers from the parents as soon as possible. Arrive a bit early before a job to make sure you can get those numbers and the parents can tell you about the general situation. Is there someone who shouldn’t be calling? Has there been a virus going around? Is there a broken heater? Forewarned is forearmed as far as safety and security go.

Be sure to get the full address of the house where you are working. If you need to call 911, the dispatcher will want that information.

Take a quick tour of the house to note the exits and danger spots. While most parents take the time to baby-proof their house, they often overlook dangers that they see everyday. If you see a downed baby gate or missing electrical outlet cover, take a moment to fix them.

In Case Of Fire

Most families don't have a plan in case of fire, but you can cobble one together on your own. When you tour the house, pick the exit you will use if you smell smoke. Should that actually happen, your first act should be to get the children out of the house. If there is smoke, get the children to crawl with you under it to get out. Once you are outside, keep the children with you and call the fire department.

Should everyone's worst nightmare happen and a child gets trapped behind a fire, call the fire department immediately and tell them where he or she is. Run to the neighbor's house to get to a phone if you have to.


In Case Of A Medical Emergency

Again, prevention is best. Ask where the first aid kit is kept in the house or bring your own first aid kit. Make sure you have the pediatrician's phone number and the address of the nearest hospital.

The two most common medical emergencies a babysitter is likely to experience are burns and allergic reactions. Most burns can be reated by running cool (not cold) water over the effected body part for 10 to 15 minutes. If the skin blisters, take the child to the hospital.

Be sure to find out if and where the child has an epipen or an inhaler. Make sure you can find it immediately. You should have anti-histamines on hand just in case they can swallow, and if the child seems short of breath or is having trouble talking, rush him or her to the hospital.

Have the number of the advise nurse and the poison control center on hand and call them if you suspect a medical emergency.

In Case Of A Prowler

It's not like the prowler is common, but having a plan in case there is one will definitely make you feel safer. If you are watching the baby at night, turn the porch light on and lock the doors as soon as the parents leave. Check that the windows on the first floor are locked, too. This will eliminate hiding places and unguarded entrances.

It's important to note that as a care provider, you should have the child with you at all times. Check in on them often when they sleep and don't leave the house without them. No one should come into the house either, and don't open the door for anyone you don't personally know. If anyone tries to insist on coming in, don't hesitate to call the police. You and the children's safety is your first priority, and any other niceties can wait.

We can all hope that none of these situations ever happen to us, but it is more effective to be prepared. Mentally rehearse your responses to an emergency and come equipped to deal with crises. Even if you never have to deal with an emergency, parents will appreciate your readiness.

Helix Tasting Room

   Do you like Sparkling and Dessert wines? We ask because there is a funky little room in Buellton specializing in just those types of wine. This is Kalyra Winery’s second tasting room, and they subtitle it the Evolution of Wine. They serve a variety of highly-rated fortified Muscats, Liqueur Muscats, Ports, and a number of wines in the Eiswein style. They even serve a Merlot Angelique and a Sparkling Blanc De Noir. These are classics for anyone with a sweet tooth or a need to celebrate.

  In fact, this tasting room is a great place for a party. Not only are the wines great for a good time, but the whole vibe is laid-back and fun. It starts with a building fronted with corrugated tin and wood, and then continues with an interior decorated with brightly colored abstract paintings. Mismatched furniture completes the fun. If you would rather sip your bubbly outside, they have a patio sporting picnic tables and pine benches. It provides just the right level of sun and shade for any event you have planned. And if you want a unique wine experience, they have a trailer in their porch that has vintage barware and furniture.

   It is truly the next step in the evolution of wine tasting, so if you whether you want to relax or throw your Bachelorette party, Helix is the tasting room to try.

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