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Why The Picatrix?

One of the benefits of researching is that you fall upon obscure works. I hunted down the Picatrix because it was mentioned as a grimoire that was popular and told you how to move a castle through magic.

It wasn't quite that dramatic. I wrote a post on it, and at the time I thought it funny. There is something ridiculous about the woo-ish. There is always a scrambling around to justify itself, whether to explain how you can really be a good Christian and work magic or how you can tap into the feminine power. It has to excuse itself for not working and doing nothing useful.

At any rate, it's existence raises some points. Points about who buys into woo, who gets sold to, how grimoires fit in history.

I think I'll tackle that. As well as I can, anyway. It will take a bit more research. I'll post it on Medium.

I should probably do a similar deep dive on the Norther Crusades and children's lives in the Middle Ages. It adds a bit to my fiction and makes me a little something out of it. You have to build a little platform and earn a penny or two, after all. I'll have to set up a Medium account for that. I don't know how serious I am about it, truthfully. My fiction is more fun for me, though I'm a little proud of a few of them. Passably proud.

I should start editing the last two works. It should be fun, but I keep putting it off.

Anyway, the Picatrix is a fun topic. I'll look into it.


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