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Too Many Writing Ideas At Once!

Where to start?

I finally started re-writing Letters of Discontent, and, oh boy, thank the indifferent universe for detailed outlines. I wrote out a mess of an outline for it, and it is taking me days to figure out even where the saved part of my rough draft left off. Once I did parse my notes and outline, I started squeezing in more of Alfred's anxiety issues until I realized that if I went with the character arc of everyone learning to help Alfred on his own terms, it might make nonsense of later books. Then I started working with the theme, and now I think I might go with Alfred learning that his anxiety doesn't make him useless. I can still go with him telling Karl and the girls that he would give them a sign when he is getting obsessive and leaving the promised sign when Dietrich kidnaps him because he has the forged letters. I like it. I'll give it a try, and, of course, it can always be fixed later if I don't like the results.

My Eder murder story, tentatively called 'Rivers of Betrayal,' is being professionally edited! I'm so proud of my dedication. Do you think 'River of Betrayal' is too YA melodrama? It is a blood-and-thunder type of book with a spy and a murderer. Anyway, I'll get the book back on the 15 of September, go over it again, actually invest some time in its cover, and we'll see how it turns out.

Then there are three more books to revise and make sense of. Two are going to be interesting: I know what I need to do with Murder at Court, so I might just revise that first. Not even sure how to tackle the story where Eric is kidnapped. Hope it doesn't need a lot of work. Don't think Deaths at a Wedding will be hard.

In the meantime, for Medium, I feel some words on the Summa Zoologica is in order, and some thoughts on the magical herbal lady (tm.)

Yes, I will be busy for a while.


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