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Swimming: A Sample Post

Swimming always brings good times to mind: lazy summer days, birthday parties for little kids, and long days doing cannonball dives with your friends. These happy memories can make swimming programs feel like taking the easy way out as far as exercise is concerned. There are a couple of great reasons to indulge yourself with this type of exercise.

Easy On The Joints

The buoyancy of the water lifts the weight from your elbows and knees, making it easier for you to move around. This is great for people who have been suffering from arthritis, of course, but other people can benefit from this too. People who are just beginning an exercise program can find this form gentler than others, and folks who are recovering from some injury can find it more inviting. Older and pregnant people frequently find it a good way to burn calories without risking injuries.

Burns The Calories

Swimming takes up the whole body, so it tends to burn a lot of calories. You also get the natural resistance of the water while you work out, which also contributes to calorie burning. Thirty minutes of swimming, on average, burns 282 calories for a 163 pound woman and 328 calories for a 190 pound man. Of course, this varies from activity to activity. A swimming program will maximize this by leading you through a set of exercises that will tone all of you. This does cover cardio exercise and anaerobic exercise, which also helps you burn calories.


It's just fun to be in the water for many of us. This makes exercise enticing instead of a chore. Never underestimate the importance fun in keeping up your motivation to stay in shape.


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