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Ready for Print Action Or More Darling Killing?

So, I'm reading my story over, and I'm constantly asking myself, 'would it be better to cut this? Re-write this? Cut a character? Cut out the conversation between Brynhild and Maeve where Maeve hints to Brynhild that Enzio has a fief he doesn't want to reveal? She also talks about the church's unsteady relationship with Fliedes, but that is driven home a few other times. I nearly took out the funeral for Conrad because I could move the info about Hildebert's problems with Hansea's finances. Maybe I should.

But this story is under 80,000 words. It's well within the normal limits, and I don't want to rush the story or skimp on the themes. I can't just jam in the evidence.

Maybe take out Gareth, since he has nothing to do with mystery? Maybe not- he feels necessary. Too many names? I don't know. There are about 13 people in my story, at least the main part, with a couple more characters from the front of the story. Is that too many?

Man, I thought I had really reined in my characters here.


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