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Reading Woes; Editing Procrastination

I gave up on Ken Flint's '1645' because every time Mike Stearn showed up, I wanted to toss my phone out the window. (It was an ebook that I downloaded through Libby on my phone.) He's such a Gary Stu, and I would lay odds the authors are the type of Ayn Rand-acolyte that ruins SciFi. Those type of writers are prone to the 'lone dude who everyone just naturally adores' characters. They drive me wild, especially as they are clearly vehicles for authors to pontificate on their political views. Sorry Mr. Everyone-Always-Follows-Me, I am not following you.

Seriously, I am not alone in noticing the connection. The other day I was listening to a podcast where one of the hosts noted the prevalence of the magically gifted main character in certain people's writings and their political implication. I sincerely hope I never write such a creep, as they can make even a good book difficult to read.

In other news, I've got a lot of my latest rough draft out and am dreading finishing it. I have promised myself that I will start editing what I have, and I don't know what can be salvaged. I know I said I would put the Wolfsburg Murder here. I still might. Perhaps, since I have a clear idea of what needs to happen there, I'll start with that story.


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