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Reading and Writing Decisions

So, Robin Blake had a decent showing, bookwise, so I will make a note to read more of his stuff. It's the mid-1700's, which is unusual for murder mysteries. They are all copies of Peter Ellis and Anne Perry these days. It's a little repetitive.

Do I just quit my FedEx job and devote my hours to the paperwork of Rinzing's business? I'm tired of the cruddy the hours, and we can afford the health insurance separately. We can afford a nice cat too. I can afford to give one a nice home. And then what? Everything takes ten minutes out of my day, and I would have so much of the rest of the day.

I am near the end of my rough draft. I figure it will get more words from a rewrite, and I don't know if I will go much further. All of the shrugs here.

More reading too. I had all of Sunday and I finished a book and embroidered a couple squares.


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