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Reading And My Writing Slump

I finished another Matthew Bartholomew book. I want to write to Susanna Gregory, "I knew it was Prioress Joan because you can't stand any women in your books that aren't perfect girly-girls. Her killing Paris didn't even make sense, but you couldn't have anything other than a lady as a prioress. And really: a snooty noblewoman is somehow better than someone who is willing to get her hands dirty? Your bias is showing."

Also, her dialogue tags run amok. She is definitely of the 'said is dead' delusion, and she doesn't understand that writing has its own Kuleshov effect, where if you put actions next to a bit of dialogue, readers assume the person performing the action is talking. Whatever: on the bright side, Clippesby had his day and no animals were hurt.

I am personally feeling a little sluggish about writing. My Camlin adventure is slow to start and I'm already struggling with next steps. I think I'll bull my way to the next plot point, maybe quickly throw in the little tidbits and actions I have imagined until something clicks. I've never been one for writing exercises, but I might have to resort to one.

Then there is my side hustle, which I poke at a little at a time. I write mostly short posts every couple of days. Am I just being lazy? Letting the cold November of the soul take me over as the temperature drops and the national crises looks to be winding up? Just tired from the day job? It could be many things, if I'm telling the truth.

And as for editing what I have as far as this series of adventures, I am full of trepidation. Do I sit down and do the deed, risking criticism and the inevitable discovery that my work is trash? The thing is, it is merely a matter of just setting aside the time and doing it, and if I wanted to do it, I would. Rough drafts are exciting, editing can be embarrassing, and I'd rather not suffer with my books.

Every year I ask myself if I'm going to do something at work or not, and I tell myself not to bother. I'm coasting, and I'm lucky to coast. Asking for something new and going through the learning curve again is daunting. I don't want to spend decades in the same spot, but I don't want to restart every five minutes either. My birthday is soon, and I'm going to be 39. Almost 4 decades under my belt, and I still want to know what I'll be when I grow up. My writing included.


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