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Now, Imagine You're The Illuminati

There are few things more fun than giving other people something to think about as they wander around your home. People love a mystery, and they will talk endlessly about something they want to figure out. Now you can join in the fun by creating a 'secret message' for your conspiratorially-minded friends. All you need to do is hire commercial decorative concrete service providers and give them 'special' instructions.

First: Pick Your Mystery

The answer to the mystery will clearly be that aliens did it, but now you have to work backwards to the appropriate question. What did the aliens do? Perhaps they left a rebus about their ideas on your floor. A rebus makes sense, since creatures from other planets are unlikely to speak and write English, and they have to assume that you don't speak their language either (or even have the same number of tongues.) Naturally, they will have made a study of how the Earthlings sound out words and make associations, and this will allow them to create a rebus to convey their message. They might also use pictograms or a series of illustrations to make their point.

The message itself is up to you. Just remember that acid stains and stamped concrete lasts decades, so you should provide a question or joke that will please for years to come.

Now Where Does The Message Go?

You probably don't want to put your message somewhere that just anyone can see it. It's going to be there for years, and you might entertain spoilsports in the meantime. A garage, as a semi-outdoors place and somewhere you alone will see, might be a good place for it. A porch, where specially selected guests might enjoy it, is another good place.

Clearly, this is exactly the sort of thing that you should have in your home, especially if you live in some national monument. Carry on and have fun.


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