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My Books Are Out!

So, I finished all my revising and put everything up on Amazon Kindle as ebooks. Now you, too, can experience narrowly escaping rampaging boars, fingering stable-boy murdering spies, bedrooms catching on fire, and catching mandrake-crazed midwives. It's all somewhere in my adventure series.

And I guess it is more 'adventure' then any other genre. I mean, they are generally murder mysteries, except 'The First Charge.' That mystery centers more on discovering what Eric's arch-nemesis Ludovic Von Phaler-graf and King Harold are up to. A witness is murdered, but discovering who did it is just one in a series of adventures that have to be followed in order to find what Ludovic is pulling. It's a different vibe, certainly.

'The Importance of Loyalty' is a blend of murder mystery (who murdered Utrecht the Stable Boy?) and adventure (our intrepid ministrialeses spy on the king in order to be hired.) In fairness, most pages are spent on the murder and on the domestic drama of should Karl and Alfred accept a position with Eric.

'Murder At Wolfsburg' is pure murder mystery. It even reduces the number of detectives to the traditional two- Bigitte and Brynhild- and has an autopsy. 'In Service Of Meiser' is also pure murder mystery, with a heavy domestic overlay. It's easier to figure out when you are done with a story if the problem your heroes face is solving a mystery: the book is done when the mystery is solved. It's also easy to start planning because the first question is obvious. You need to decide who you kill and how you will kill that person.

Murder is fun. Indeed, it has been an interesting time writing. Sometimes I struggled to make everything come out in some coherent order, and sometimes I grinned all the way through some silly scene. Now you can share my joy. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can try them for free.


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