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Medium Changes Plans. Do I?

Sis and an editor are looking at A Negotiable Death now. They will make recommendations on that story. At that point, I have options, and some of them relate to Medium's projected changes.

The platform is going to let us pick stories to put behind a paywall instead of selling membership anyone who reads more than three articles. What that means is that I can not put up any paywall and use my blog there as a funnel to my books, put up a paywall to some of the articles and get money from the platform members, or put up a paywall on all my articles and never be read again by anyone who doesn't already know me.

It's complicated. I could serialize 'A Negotiable Death' and other Wolfsburg Adventures, (I'm already considering short stories to fill in some of the gaps in the narratives,) and then sell it all in paperback form.

Problem- 'A Negotiable Death' is simply not seriously serializable. The plot is too rigid, and there is a lot of theme-building in small scenes that don't end in a big cliff hanger. Most of my stories tend to be...difficult to serialize. The only good candidate would probably be 'The First Charge.'



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