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I Shan't Give Advice

Hold Me To That

The thing about writing is that fiction isn't lucrative. Not for most writers. Non-fiction sells better.

I accord this to the 'zombie apocalypse' theory. If it isn't actionable and at least seems like something that you can apply to your life, people are unwilling to pay much for it.

Fair enough.

And that encourages a lot of fiction writers to teach writing or sell writing advice in some way. They make a YouTube channel or book about how to write. This makes total sense: there is a small group of people willing to buy lots of murder mysteries, but there are an endless number of people angling to become the next famous New York Times bestselling author.

Also, a writer knows how they wrote their book. Their particular book. That is the one thing that they can teach with any certitude.

So, we have a tempting pool of customers and one skill. It might even let you write the fiction you want without being terrified of missing your rent.

I don't blame these folks, but I can't join them. My particular strength is finishing rough drafts in my own way. It isn't transferrable and I don't think it would help anyone much.

The field is saturated too. So.

No advice for anyone.


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