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Good News! 'In The Service Of Meiser' Is Up

I finally sat my rump down and edited my historical murder mystery. I posted it on Amazon Kindle as an ebook.

You can now read all about the castellan whose fiance meets a grizzly end just as an invasion is threatened in the mid-1200s. We have all the highlights: domineering and controlling dad, infants and new parents facing eviction, and rebelling serfs. I think of those as the highlights, at any rate. Also, the usual suspects: adulterous knights and double-dealing dukes. For the medically inclined, there is also a midwife who insists that the cure for everything is mandrake root. All that resides in a measly 261 pages which you can buy for $5.

In other news, I had better change up my strategy at Verblio. They have changed how they partial out posts, and now I don't know how I'll get in my easy writing goals. I think I'll have to start churning out on Medium.


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