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Final Edit Before Printing?

I think I know how to make my current work in progress make sense- maybe. I almost want to print out and save one version and then make Torvig the pirate Weigand is dealing with (and shot at him) and consequently is what Enzio can capture immediately for the wool deal in the next version. Feels more cohesive, making Weigand a character witness for Gelf and Torvig escape to Sorvey. Really drives home that Sorvey is harboring pirates. And it doesn't end in poor Eva having to stay with Enzio for months. Yeah, Brynhild should twist a bit, begging for the weavers to take her to Torvig. She's the protagonist. But I've already killed poor Epiphania, and Eva is a nice weaver.

I have a heart, after all. We'll see if it is better.


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