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Entered NanoWrimo For The Funsies

'Cause Why Not?

I have a simple murder mystery in me after the grueling, complicated 'Crimes Along the Arunder.' This one has one- one!- detective, and a classic case of economic need.

It takes place at the port castle of Meiser, and it involves the murder of a foreign courier named Choegan who is at the port that Brynhild runs because he is delivering letters for a friend deep in Augston. Her family courier is suspected because he argued with Choegan over a job just hours before he was murdered.

At the same time, the fur guilds plan to meet at the port's one inn to hold a raucous dinner and talk business.

Then Brynhild gets a letter from her mother informing her that the other port, Hansea, is sending someone with an unknown business proposition for the Meiser. Her mother tells Brynhild to deal with him in any way that does not lessen their port fees.

Ok, this is less complicated than the 130,000-word story involving two murders, coin forgery, and rogue nobles terrorizing the countryside. I plan on writing an easy 500 words a day, and hopefully the way to make my beast of story work will snap into place in the meantime.


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