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E-book pros and cons

I have discovered that I like e-books for some uses and paperbacks for others.


E-books let you look up words you don't know immediately by connecting you to the internet and its dictionaries.

E-books are way more portable, as everything fits in your phone.

E-books can be bookmarked without damage.


You lose access to your e-books when your phone runs out of power.

Summarizing and copying out notes for e-books is stopped through some sort of technology, which mandates switching between notepad and e-book- annoying when both are on your phone.

Increases screen time, hurting your eyes.

Gets uncomfortable to hold when laying down to read.

Paperbacks require you to have a separate notebook anyway, so notes are easier to take.

Paperbacks are easier on the eyes.

They don't run out of electricity or get accidentally erased from your library.

When you buy them, you can bookmark them all you like, which makes searching easier.

It's easy to gauge how much more book you have to go so you can decide if you will continue slogging through a boring part.

Paperbacks take up space.

They can easily get lost since they are often not pocket-sized.

They can get moldy or torn.

They require you to dig up a separate dictionary or dig into google if you want to check a word or fact in them.

Anyway, that's my observation of the day.

Oh, and Gregory's prose is awful.


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