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Deciding What To Write

I finished my novella on Medium and presented a couple of historical tidbits- all of it coming from reading a couple posts and scanning I'm hoping to keep clear of 'this writing life' as the fluff that it is, but research takes money and work, two things I am loath to associate with.

I admit it: I am glad to have turned my historical fiction into AU history because it lets me be lazy and make up crap. I figure if the country's names are invented, I can get away with anything.

Probably not the best attitude to have. As someone on Musicalsplaining remarked, 'commitment can take you 90% of the way.' By which she meant that leaning into a take will pay dividends in making a piece of media entertaining. 'Purity of intent' it's sometimes called.

There is something to that, but it takes a ferocity of spirit that I do not have. It also removes some of the fun. Ah well, I'll produce 500 words on my murder mystery/diplomatic it a political intrigue? A bit, I guess. Maybe I should amp that up a bit. Well- in the rewrite, if I rewrite. Which I might not.


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