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Anne Perry: Are You Just Tired? Why So Vague?

I was reading Anne Perry back when 'The Carter Street Hangman' was new. I should probably check it out to see if my tastes have changed or she has developed unfortunate writing ticks.

Long Paragraphs of Mental Reflection in the Middle of Conversations

It's even acknowledged in the conversation that a person has spaced out for a while.

It's terrible timing, and rarely do these ruminations introduce new information. Often, someone is examining the exact emotional temperature of the exchange and how to be the most perfect of companions. This gets old in a mystery.

Am I Expecting Too Much To Have An Actual Investigation?

There were so few interviews depicted in her latest work. No follow up interviews, no searching for documents, and only one forensic investigation. The ending was a heroic rescue that confirmed what everyone seemed to know from the second page of the book onward. The central question was how bad the bad guy was, but it wasn't investigated properly.

Is she just tired of her characters? Should she move on? The problem with Perry is that she really needs the strict requirements of a mystery investigation in order to rein in her more...I don't know what to call them. Philosophical ramblings? Emotional explorations? Sometimes I think she is rewording what she views as the perfect relationship a million times over, and she needs a plot to stick her views into. Over time, her ability to develop a plot around them has faded.

At least that's my fear. Or perhaps my ability to tolerate a tendency that was always there has faded.


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