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A Bit of Editing and Thinking

Just spent the morning filling out a few little bits of my recently completed story. This one does not have a word-count problem. It is well within the average word count of a murder mystery. It is just under 80000 words and might just hover around that for the rest of the editing. So...I'm mostly fleshing out a few scenes and I will probably be rewriting the scene when Bigitte yells at Ailil after Hildebert is framed and the one where Weigand gets caught sneaking out of small lodge. The side-deal with Enzio will need some fleshing out too, and he needs to be more suave and less obviously greedy. Although that will make his demanding a piece of the bowl make less sense unless I give him a good reason to make himself more grabby. Life is rough.

Am I trying to shove too much in 75,000 to 90,000 words? Few things are more aggravating than a story that tries to cover every angle. None of the angles get the attention that they deserve, so everything is shallow as all get out.

I will also need to ratchet back my weather and accoutrements descriptions, I think. I already have two descriptions of the bowl in the first three chapters.


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