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3 Easy Ways To Jazz Up Your Home

Jazzing up an apartment can be tricky if you don't want to spend a lot of time and effort on it. Fortunately, you can avail themselves of a few simple tricks that will make their living space lively.

Hang Up Shelves

Nothing changes the look of a room like adding flat spaces. You can free up floor space once they are up and you move things from the floor to the shelves. It also gives you space to make displays. Do you have a lapidary collection you were keeping in boxes? A favorite piece of art? Here is a place to show them off, complete with flowing table runners, candles and display cases.

You can make the shelves works of art. Glass shelves held up on racks look modern and clean. Traditional wooden shelves with fancy scroll work on their sides gives a place a Victorian or rustic vibe. You can get truly creative here.

Make Some Pillows

One of the easiest things to make for a beginning sewer is a pillow. You just hem the open end and sew the other three sides shut. Within this simple design, though, you can find a million variants. You can make throw pillows out of bright colors and vivid patterns to jazz up a bland couch or chair. You can whip out your embroidery hoop and create scenes on your new pillows. Get creative with the shape of your pillows and make ones that specifically fit your furniture. This is just the quickest way to create a conversation piece for your home.

Change Out Your Window Treatment

How you decorate your window can change your whole room. It will change how much light gets in and when it does. It can set the tone for the room with its choice of coverings. This make changing the curtains one of the most dramatic ways to change the room without touching the room's main purpose. It's also one of the easiest changes to make. It is pretty simple to make curtains from scratch. You can also go for a clean, more modern look by switching your curtains for blinds, or add a valance just to add a touch of fanciness. You have the power over your room when you are working on window treatments.

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