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Editing Update

You know how many things in life would be so much easier if you just sat down and did them? I highly suspect that editing my new story is one of them. I need to set my behind in the chair and do the line editing. I may ultimately hire someone to format the book for Smashwords, I should definitely get a professional to do the book cover as they required for putting up on Smashwords, but I should be able to go through my own work and fill in the missing words, cut off the run-on sentences, and snip out the repeated words.

Do I want to? No! I do not! My soul rebels and the longer I put it off the more it rebels. Anyway, I promise I will sit down and do the thing this month. Reaally...or maybe next month. Y'all can bug me about it.

A minor note: Smashwords is a platform that pushes published work to other book-selling platforms. You can also buy directly from them. Check it out some time.

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