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Pets And Carpets

Many people have a special someone in their lives- someone with long whiskers and a fluffy tail. Their presence makes our lives better, but it also requires some forethought when decorating our house so that we can accommodate them. Carpet is an excellent choice in that situation. Carpeting muffles the banging of footsteps, which is easier on cats and dogs since they have sharper ears than people. The fibers trap dust away from their sensitive noses, and the padding makes walking comfortable for creatures with floating collarbones (cats) and a tendency toward hip trouble (Golden Retrievers.) There are three things to know when getting carpet for your house when you have pets.

Comfort Level

If you have a cat or a lap dog, you know how much they love comfort. Any place soft and warm is their cup of tea. Wool or wool blend carpeting will provide luxurious napping spots for them. Wool and wool blend carpets are particularly nice for older pets because they are easy on their joints and gentle on experienced paws. Wool and wool blend fibers are durable and traps smells as well, and can look stunning.

Pet Proof

When you are getting a carpet and you have a pet, you have certain practical concerns because animals can be hard on your floor. You will want something durable and easy to clean. Fortunately, Nylon carpets have those qualities, and these carpets can come in some beautiful patterns too. These pretty floor coverings will stay attractive for years no matter how many pets you have.

Special Considerations When Caring For The Carpet

Since your pet's nose is nearer to the carpet than yours, you want to keep your carpet free of mold. It will need regular cleaning, and it should be kept dry. Some carpet cleaning products require you to keep your pet away from the recently cleaned area, so read the labels carefully when buying carpet products.

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