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Back-of-House Benefits To Good Writing

We all know the importance of writing that faces our clients and customers. Well-written communications make us seem trustworthy and professional. But sometimes we get lazy about the back-of-house communications, by which I mean the stuff we send to employees and vendors. They are the memos, reminders and technical manuals that the employee reads to do their job. There are 4 advantages to having an expert write these sorts of things.

Cuts Back On Meetings

Meetings take up precious time that can be used to be doing actual work. In fact, a good definition of 'meeting' is '3 people chatting and 10 people tuning them out while they think about the stuff they need to do.' Limiting them to essential points boosts productivity.

So, how do you communicate tweaks in your process, upcoming fun events and other non-essential stuff? Have a good writer clearly set this information out in black-and-white and post it where everyone will see it. Employees can read it at their leisure and ask questions later when they think of them (and there won't be many questions because the writer has been clear.)

Creates A Reference

Customers and employees alike get confused if processes and policies are inconsistently applied or they are expected to remember complicated procedures without any reference. Both of these problems are easily fixed by having a clearly written guide that lays out the step-by-step process that they should follow. This allows employees to present customers with a consistent experience, and this entices customers back to your company.

Clarifies Your Needs

We all have a vague notion of our goals floating around in the back of our minds. We think it is concrete and makes total sense- until we try to explain to someone else. Then they stare blankly at us as we stutter and try to elaborate.

This is an important step in getting things done, however. We have to identify the goal and make it clear to ourselves. Having an expert write it out for us lets us examine the goal from another perspective, and this allows us to make goals that are actually concrete and make sense.

Takes Away The Lazy's Cover

We all have at least one person in our business who tries to weasel out of their end of the deal. To be charitable, they generally don't want to hurt anyone. They just underestimate what is required of them and freak out when they see the actual work involved. A written contract with a full run-down of a person's job duties that is clearly written makes this freak out less likely.

It also leaves no room for them to interpret their job in a way that reduces their usefulness to you. You can physically point to where a rule is written so you look justified in severing the relationship before this person gets worse.

These are just a few of the advantages conferred by well-written communications intended for your employees, so definitely find someone who can write clearly for these types of communications.

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