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3 Things That You Want To See In Your New Writer

I have been providing my writing services in one form or another for 4 years now. In that time, the freelance writing industry evolved rapidly from being focused on getting keywords in the right spot to being focused on looking trustworthy, and there are plenty of new buzzwords flitting about now. With all this change, however, the key things that you want in someone you hire to write for you have stayed more or less the same. There are 3 things that you should be on the lookout for. Expertise Some things you can't fake and an understanding of the product that you are selling is one of them. The writer doesn't have to have a lot of knowledge about the thing they are writing about when they begin, but they should start out understanding some key points. The more knowledge that they start out with the better their writing will be. This will make their turn-around time faster, too, as they won't have to spend hours mastering the basics. Level Of Involvement That They Are Comfortable With Do you want to hand off a list of things to write about to the writer and then forget that that person exists until payday? Or are you a hands-on type who wants to critique the writer every step of the way? The writer should be comfortable with the amount of involvement that you want to have or you two are in for a rocky working relationship. Value Alignment Personally, I immediately skip writing for anyone whose keywords are 'detox and horoscopes' because I know I won't agree with what that person is selling. It's hard to muster enthusiasm for a product you think is a waste of money or is possibly dangerous and that lack of enthusiasm will show in the writer's work. Other aspects of a writer's work can be adjusted. Those main three things will be deal breakers, however, so be sure to hammer these things out before you hire someone.

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