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You Know What I Love About Writing?

There are a couple things that recommends writing to me even on my darker days, when the bleak November of my soul takes hold and, Herman Melville-like, I cry out for a shaking up. They are as follows:

1. You don't have to micromanage your time. I just took a couple days to finish a list of names simply because I had 3 days to finish it. And you know what is great? I got up and wrote a couple of entries to the list at midnight because it seemed like a good plan and I was exhausted earlier. You don't get that type of freedom in other jobs.

2. It allows me explore areas of interest while getting paid. I love exploring the meaning of names. I love etymology. I'm essentially getting paid to browse name websites and absorb the wild history of some of our most beloved monikers. That's a pretty sweet deal.

3. It allows me to say what I need to say. I'm shy in person, afraid the person listening is going to react poorly to what I say, so I blurt stupid things and then run and hide. When I write, I have a chance to actually make sense without the pressure of another body looming over me, waiting to judge my every utterance. I feel more anonymous, and therefore less like I am opening myself up to manipulation.

Anyway, that is my Sunday thoughts. I had better get back to writing.

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