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Grammarly Woes

Every writer must ultimately take up an editor if they are to improve their writing. I finally grabbed the basic Grammarly application for my writing. It's great for eliminating unnecessary commas and instantly correcting spelling, and if you do a lot of listicle writing, that can be very helpful. Unfortunately, the only reason Grammarly provides a basic package is to push you into getting the premium package. It keeps a running tab of all the things it would totally correct for you if only you would pay more. Considering that Grammarly didn't recognize the names Ratastock or Elisabeth, I don't have much hope for the premium package. I would rather rely on a careful reading out-loud to catch the really stupid stuff. That method preserves the sense of the story better. I will leave Grammarly out of my Camp NanoWriMo for the moment, too.

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