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Needing To Revamp May Strategy

Well, another day in the writing life, and I am starting to think I should look at strategy. First, my rewriting strategy.

I had initially just started typing up the story I had originally typed. Then I realized that I had forgotten after all these years just what I had written. It was a little disconcerting.

By which I mean I kept wondering what my younger self was pulling.

I had also forgotten major plot points. So, I think I am going to write an outline for my story and try to see where I went wrong. Other than writing while under 20. That is always a mistake.

The other strategy I think I need to revamp is my writing schedule. I am a morning person. I am functional until about 2 pm. Then I am zombie that is only vaguely coherent. Zombies don't write well. I should take that into account.

However, I am always flexible and look forward to trying new things. Here's to revamping!

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