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Working Away For The Wine Industry

I live in the heart of wine country, so I write a lot about wineries and tasting rooms. One client had me writing profiles for hours yesterday.

I personally enjoy it. It's a quirky industry that relies heavily on marketing narratives. The winery websites frequently emphasize their history or growing philosophy. Many talk a great deal about how they use biodynamic processes to grow their grapes, and that they are certified organic. That's all great, of course, and I always write that up as though it needs no explanation. It did, however, lead me to google 'biodynamic,' which brought up a familiar name from my days in child development: Rudolf Steiner, who invented the Waldorf school system. You have to admire the man's breadth of inventiveness. I appreciated the throwback to my college days and learned something new.

This is why I love writing. You are always adding to your store of facts and seeing the connections.

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