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Happy Saturday!

It's a lovely day here, but you can tell it is the last week of summer vacation. The air is cooler, the grape harvest is coming in, and the wines from Sonoma and Napa will soon start to flow. I have been busy cranking out wine profiles for California Winery Advisor.

What I love about writing these wine profiles is the connection to my home county. I am a Sonoma County gal, and I have grown up surrounded by vineyards. I find it fascinating to discover new wineries, from the ultra-exclusive Promontory Wines to the incredibly down-to-Earth Peay Vineyards. Every time I write a new profile, I think of the beautiful terraced vineyards that I used to pass when I went to Olivet Elementary. The orderly rows, the brilliant colors, and the grand tasting rooms are a part of my childhood.

Of course, writing these profiles means that I have to come back to my story later. That is all right, though. While I love the personal connection of the wine profiles, I am always called back to history.

Yours in Writing,

V. Yongewa

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