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A New Writing Venture Coming To You!

I have loved writing for a long time. One of my fondest memories of my high school years is writing elaborate stories on the blank spaces of my work. The teachers probably felt differently about it.

Anyway, I just started writing professionally 3 years ago, but it was largely non-fiction. The fiction of my youth would not pay bills. Recently, though, I decided that I would try my hand at fiction again. I particularly love historical fiction, and I had written a few examples years back. Well, I went and reviewed one.

It needs work. Man, does it need work. The plot holes are everywhere, and I find myself looking at my 16-year-old self and shaking my head with wonder.

The material has grabbed me, though. It is exactly what I need. So, I am now fixing up my old work. It's tentatively called '2 Vermin And A Mischlinger.' It tells the story of a girl who had been in hiding all her life because she is Jewish and in Germany under Nazi occupation. After the war, she can come out with her dad, and together the 2 must forge a new life.

Anyway, I've been slowly chipping away at it. I hope to keep you folks posted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis on my writing adventures. Hope to write you soon!


I should mention the cat on the home page. That's my cat, Kwan. You will note that he is the handsomest of all cats. I figured he would make a good advertisement, and as he is very helpful. Here he is helping with tools. I hope you like him.

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