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Hello! Here are three of my books: Seed of A Lord, What Price Home, and the Yongewa Kitchen Cookbook. 


 While I have your attention, I should mention that I have several ebooks on Amazon Kindle. I have a cookbook based on my sister-in-law's delicious Tibetan cooking and my time running a Tibetan restaurant. This the 'Yongewa Kitchen Cookbook.' 

   I also have a comedic thriller about a bunch of forensic scientists that are being stalked by mysterious forces. This is 'The Misadventures of Some Lab Rats.'

   Then there is AU historical mystery and adventure series that starts with a noble girl who runs away from scheming relatives only to find that she needs to find the inner strength to defend her new friends and home. This is 'Seed Of A Lord.'

The other books in the series, The Wolfsburg Adventures, are about solving mysteries and spying.

For more recent Amazon Kindle releases from me, press the button below.


Click on either of these images for my ebooks.

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