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Here is all news about the Wolfsburg Adventures and other books I have written. If you like mystery books in AU medieval settings, this is the place for you. Below are a sampling of my books.


   The first book in the AU historical mystery and adventure series, The Wolfsburg Adventures, starts with a noble girl, Brynhild von Wolfsburg, who runs away from scheming relatives only to find that she needs to find the inner strength to defend her new friends and home. This is 'Seed Of A Lord.'

When she is given the port of Meiser as a dowry in "In The Service of Meiser," her fiancé is killed. She and her friends must solve the crime before her dad revokes her hard-earned dowry.

It's all spying and crime-solving from there: "What Price Home?" unmasks a spy/knight-murderer. "A Negotiable Death" solves the locked-room mystery of a squire's death while Brynhild and her best friend, Bigitte, convince a foreign duke to trade with them. There's "Family and War" (Dad disappears, putting in peril their side of the civil war.) In "The First Charge," our heroes must discover what the bad king is up to and if the scheming neighbor is still scheming- (answer: duh. It's a very feud- al society.) There is poison in "Murder in A Ductish Court" and "Deaths At A Wedding."

All this and more in: The Wolfsburg Adventures.

There is also a contemporary thriller in which some nerds from the San Diego forensic find themselves tracing an arsonist. This is The Misadventures of Some Lab Rats.


 While I have your attention, I should mention that I have several ebooks on Amazon Kindle. I have a cookbook based on my sister-in-law's delicious Tibetan cooking and my time running a Tibetan restaurant. This the 'Yongewa Kitchen Cookbook.' 


These are just a few of my titles. 

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